This is it! The end of the book. Thank you to everyone who has been reading along! It means a lot.

First, the stats, for those who are interested:

My average word count per day: 1805

My total word count (according to the Microsoft Word inbuilt word counter): 54,173

That feels incredible!

But it definitely wasn’t something I did alone. I had plenty of encouragement, and I am sure that without it, this project would have amounted to nothing.

So, some thank yous.

To Mitch, for putting up with a whole month where I started every conversation with a word count, for having enough faith in me to stop keeping tabs on this blog (in favor of reading the whole thing in a big chunk, you madman) , and for generally making me better in pretty much every calculable way.

To Grace, for your incredible enthusiasm, for reading every excerpt as they came out (sometimes far too quickly for my liking) and for constantly asking me what comes next, which was an enormous help – because it meant that I had to write it.

To Muriel, for being a true and dear friend, for keeping me sane this month, and for being sad at the sad bits and scared at the scary bits, which helped me feel like I wasn’t cocking everything up too badly.

To the NaNo forums, for your wonderful feedback, and for being a reward at the end of a writing session that didn’t make me fat.

To my parents, for everything.

To everyone who read this book in this form, either as it came out or in chunks or in one marathon reading session. You gave me a reason to write this thing every day, and I can never thank you enough. I might have written this book without you, but without you, it wouldn’t have been worth it.